Golden Thoughts
Golden Thoughts Ltd
Managing Director
The world is becoming a single country because of internet, 
we may not supply Gold and fuel to the world, but we can use what we have to get where we want.
Golden Thoughts Is Tech company based in Rwanda that aims to solve real life problems and challenges we face in our society using technology.
we embrace technology and we don't want anyone to be left behind.
After realising the market problem that SMEs face in Rwanda, we thought of a platform that can help them all to reach as many people as they can, simply by the use of Technology and internet and we developed ( online shop that aims to promote SMEs, to brand, trade and expose online Made in Rwanda products from Rwandan industries and local women artisans.
It also aims to connect local Industries, local women artisans to potential clients within the country and across the world by the use of Internet.
we already work with more than 5 cooperatives and 3 individuals
We believe in collaboration and your support won't be small.
Let us get together to overcome poverty, the market is already there waiting for us.
when you support us, you support that SMEs to be on the world map of business