Smart Whiteboard for schools
Blikoon Technologies Limited
Hardware Systems Engineer
Bliboard is a software product for interactive lesson creation and white boarding. It gives teachers and speakers instant access to our large resource base comprising of images and animations that are carefully designed for our main target audiences: kindergarten, primary&secondary schools, college and office or conference meetings.

The clean and Intuitive user interface combined with convenient pen and touch capability makes it a perfect choice for any school or organization wishing to take advantage of modern technology is the classroom or meeting room.

We are currently working to push this technology to even more schools especially rural ones to enable digitization of the teaching process. A trend currently supported by the government of Rwanda. We have done our best to build the product so far but we need help in pushing it to more people especially primary and secondary schools where students can greatly benefit from the visual representations of teaching material.

If you think we can partner up in this venture of ours, in any way , don't hesitate to shoot us a message on the platform or any other channel on our website We believe we can really improve the education in Africa. Invest in us and be part of this exciting process.