Smart Brooder
Arinifu Technologies
Technical Lead & Co-Founder

The Smart Brooder is an environmental control device which ensures the conditions in the brooding space are kept within optimal levels, thus leading to better results. Most small scale farmers tend to lack enough know how as to how to raise chicken. These farmers tend to loose a lot of their flock and ultimately the stress involved leads many to quit this venture which can be very lucrative.
The Smart brooder seeks to automate the first few weeks of poultry keeping to ensure maximum returns on investment to the farmers since mistakes within the first few weeks are amplified later on in the birds life. A few sensors either 3 or 5 take readings throughout the brooding space and relay the data to a small analog computer which is programmed to determine the age of the chicks and regulates the conditions in the brooding space accordingly . GSM is used to convey data to the farmer and one can expect a sms if something goes wrong.conversion
The end result is better profit margins and increaced efficiency in terms of heating and feed conversion.